Atletas da FKWRN da modalidade Taolu Tradicional são convidados/convocados para Treino Coletivo da CBKW.

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Cinco atletas da FKWRN que participaram da modalidade Taolu Tradicional foram convidados/convocados a participarem do Treino Coletivo da CBKW – Seleção Brasileira de Kung Fu Wushu. São eles:

Marcelo Ramalho Cruz

Maria Clara Souza

Rafael Pacheco

Ruphius Germano

Tatiana Gomes

Os cinco atletas são praticantes do estilo Choy Lay Fut e alunos da Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy.

A lista completa de todos os atletas convidados/convocados pode ser encontrada no site da CBKW (

Vale ressaltar que o convite/ convocação é válido para participação em todos os treinos coletivos da CBKW até o próximo Campeonato Brasileiro em 2013.

A participação nesses treinos é uma grande honra e demonstra o reconhecimento do potencial de nossos atletas.

nn1 She can’t tell you if it’s cold outside, but she can send you a weather graphic if you ask her explicitly what the weather is like in a specific city

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Interesting New Technology On Mobile Spy Systems – Phonesheriff.Com Described By spyphoneware

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Using mobile spy software to make sure whether or not happen to be being cheated on is a pretty new tactic in the connection world. There are a lot of factors that lead that want to find the actual truth. It is simple to let your emotions take over.

However, presently there is a method to detect those bad employees without leaving your office. By installing mobile spy software on the mobile phones of your staff (obviously, the mobile phones that you provide them which is belong to the company anyway), you’ll ability to to know where employees are any kind of time src=”” width=”400″ align=”left” />

Thus, plenty of programs benefits relying on spy software for mobile spy software. It can be installed easily within 3-5 minutes. To do this purpose, you need to have the target phone on your hand. So there are a handful of physical works needed prior to using makes use of.

The quantity of spy software that are meant for cell phones are so many. Most of them share similar features and method of installing them is exactly the. Most of cell phone spying software work by silently recording the text messaging that are sent or received. They will record the call logs and GPS location of phone that are going to be spied.

Children these days cannot live without cell handsets. Parents prefer that their kids have one so that they are reachable anytime. That useful when kids are invariably out on the town.

The employee in as well as of the other employees around him will not know an individual discovered him. To them, it will seem interior are watching all of them at all times, in a way that they can’t phantom. Generally even feel one within their coworkers is really a snitch, or that the area is hassled.

Logs are silently uploaded and held in your private online savings account. Your account is accessible only by you from any web browser. This is a new cutting edge technology with ra Rupe, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, said that the court’s warning gives the legislators an incentive to do the job right

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Are You Suspicious Your Employees Are Stealing From You Spybubble Is For You – Cell Phone Spy Software Review Try On private-spy service

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Snooping through the phone is not the most effective way to read my daughter’s text It works wonderfully if you can get the phone, and when the messages remain on it. Otherwise, it doesn’t work well at all.

This programs are not only meant for to utilized computers but can sometimes be applied to your iPhone or iPad etc. The kind of powerful Mobile software is Mobile Spy which renders a record of all the activities drained your iPhone, any other mobile or possibly iPad. It keeps an eye on the all outgoing and incoming SMS, caller IDs, of GPS, images as well as videos made via your cellular. One of the best features of this occurence Mobile Spy usually that you can lock or unlock your phone without the pain . help of live control panel. You can find the GPS locations as well via the following.

So, I would add several specific questions of my student’s. Does cell phone spy software work to keep the cell phone spy software review on your sons or daughters? You bet it does. I found out that is definitely by far the most efficient use for the software.

Fortunately, tend to be : now a sort of technology available for parents that will help them keep their children safe without fighting all of the time: mobile spy sms system.

Glad you asked! SpyBubble is a cell phone mobile spy software software system that permits you to log in from any computer and monitor the light is on aspect of a cell phone there is. You install it on your family, friends, partners, or employees phones and everything on that phone can be traced right from your computer at house.

There’s spy software that 100 % possible install, but it will keep track of every activity done on your hard drive. Every Web site, chat, and email message will be monitored, and in case anything looks strange, you will know. In addition, check your Web browser’s history, and visit if any unusual sites have been visited. For people with access to ones spouse’s email login, away their ‘sent’ messages virtually any people you don’t know.

Of course, it could all relax in your head, but you won’t know if you don’t try to find out. Keep reading to be taught to uncover infidelity within your relationship.

At times, it’s sometimes called Call A story. It means that you am able to see the calls list that this phone has brought or accomplished. This data includes phone numbers as well as the respective call times. If you need the name to obtain along utilizing number, some brands in addition have that information also. So, you may need to check that out just before selecting.

Katherine bish for education week I think there are a set of legitimate questions and concerns about this that need to be essay writers online on the table, said joseph f

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A list of apple idioms | OxfordWords blog

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It’s not entirely clear why apples have been designated as the objects that summarize a general state or eventuality, but they have – as the expression how do you like them apples? attests. It is colloquial and chiefly used in North America, and usually used in a jeering way, implying that the thing referred to will be unwelcome – and was memorably used by Matt Damon’s Will in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

Apples are not the only fruit

Continuing in the positive line, somebody is described as the apple of my eye if they are the particular object of a person’s affection or regard. This use dates back to Old English, but the expression apple of the eye originally denoted the pupil of the eye, considered to be a globular solid body. In early use, the figurative version was frequently in allusion to Biblical passages including Psalm 17:8: ‘Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings’.

The apple never falls far from the tree

In a similar line, but altogether more positively, Australian and New Zealand English include the slang reassurance she’s apples or it’s apples – i.e. everything is, or will be, fine. As the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) note adds, this is ‘perhaps short for either apples and spice or apples and rice, apparently rhyming slang for nice, although there is apparently no evidence to support this’.

The apple of my eye

Forbidden fruit

As sure as God made little apples (and variants) is used as a synonym for ‘certainly’ (as is the secular equivalent as sure as apples are apples). But one apple in particular is up for debate. Adam’s apple takes its name from the idea of the apple becoming lodged in Adam’s throat in the Garden of Eden, after he ate the forbidden fruit Eve gave him.

A list of apple idioms

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • The opinions and other information contained in OxfordWords blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Oxford University Press.
  • Other expressions note the way in which an apple is not like something that is not an apple. In North American use, two people or things are described as apples and oranges if they are irreconcilably or fundamentally different (a British equivalent is chalk and cheese). Further back is the now-obsolete phrase as like as an apple to an oyster (and variants) with the same indication.

    Let’s have a look at the role of apple idioms in the English language…

    Forbidden fruit is used intentionally – because (as the OED entry for apple notes) nowhere in Genesis is it said that the fruit is an apple; in the Jewish Talmud it is variously identified as the grape, the fig, or wheat. The identification as an apple appears to have arisen in the post-classical Latin tradition – potentially as a pun between the classical Latin mālum (apple) and malum (evil). The term forbidden fruit has now taken on the wider meaning ‘a thing that is desired all the more because it is not allowed’.

    Apples in expressions often seem to be used as an equivalent for the word thing or person. Somebody can be described as a good apple, bad apple, or rotten apple, and New York City even becomes the Big Apple. In Spanish, to take a walk around the block is to dar una vuelta a la manzana (‘to walk around the apple’). In Cockney rhyming slang apples are stairs (after apples and pears) while round objects seem particularly susceptible to comparison, unsurprisingly: old apple for baseball, love apple for tomato (in archaic use), and that ‘projection at the front of the neck formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx, often prominent in men’, otherwise known as the Adam’s apple (and, earlier, Adam’s morsel). More on Adam later…

    This little tip would have helped Newton no end. The apple never does fall from the tree – except perhaps in cases of a strong gale – and this is used figuratively as a proverb meaning ‘important family characteristics are usually inherited’. It can be used either positively or negatively, to draw comparison between somebody and one or both of their parents. (Incidentally, in French tomber dans les pommes – fall into the apples – is a euphemism for ‘to faint’).

    Apple of discord/contention/dissension

    How do you like them apples?

    Sadly, thorough and rigorous scientific experiment has suggested that an apple a day is not the key to immortality, but this rhyming advice about fruit intake has certainly entered public consciousness. The earliest-known example of a phrase along these lines is found in 1866, which claims it as a Pembrokeshire proverb; this particular instance is eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread. This version, admittedly, makes it seem almost vindictive to stay healthy…

    An apple that was a troublemaker was the apple of discord. To quote the OED note, this is used ‘with allusion to the myth that a golden apple inscribed ‘For the fairest’ was thrown by Eris, goddess of discord, among the guests at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, and contended for by the goddesses Hera, Athene, and Aphrodite’. Now it is any cause or subject of strife or dissension. Indeed, introducing an apple of discord might well upset the apple cart – that is, ‘spoil a plan or disturb the status quo’.

    She’s apples

    Good and bad apples

    Ума не приложу, как он мог вообще Эта веб-страница приземляться

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5 (more) words you didn’t know were acronyms | OxfordWords blog

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…and by analogy with the earlier pelican crossing, also British. This variety of pedestrian crossing has traffic lights operated by pedestrians, and is a respelling of the acronym pedestrian light controlled (crossing). Other crossings represent a veritable menagerie of animals – the zebra crossing because it is striped black and white and the Pegasus crossing because horse riders can cross there (with reference to the mythical winged horse). The suggestion that the toucan crossing (which a cyclist may use without dismounting) is a pun on ‘two can cross’, sadly, seems likely to be a later rationalization.


5 (more) words you didn’t know were acronyms


  • The opinions and other information contained in OxfordWords blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Oxford University Press.
  • pelican

      You’ve probably heard of gulag (also spelled Gulag and GULAG) – a term used both for the department of Soviet secret police responsible for labour camps from the 1930s until the 1950s, and for those camps themselves. What you might not realize, unless you’re a fluent Russian speaker, is that gulag is an acronym of Glavnoe upravlenie ispravitel’no-trudovȳkh lagereĭ – which translates as ‘Chief Administration for Corrective Labour Camps’.




      Let’s turn to something more cheerful, shall we? The etymology of puffin when referring to the bird (auks of the genus Fratercula, if you will) is uncertain, although it certainly isn’t an acronym. Where the acronym comes into play is with the British puffin crossing – a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights which use sensors to detect whether or not pedestrians are waiting. The acronym in question is pedestrian user friendly intelligent (crossing) – respelled after the bird’s name for punning potential…

      In 2013 we offered you a list of acronyms which you might not have known were acronyms, from scuba to care package. We even called Robert Pattinson ‘R-Patz’ along the way, for which we’re still feeling a little bit ashamed. To atone, we’ve delved back into the dictionary, and come up with another five acronyms which might surprise you…

    You might have anticipated that sim (often heard in sim card, and also spelled SIM or Sim) was an acronym, but perhaps you didn’t know quite what it was. The letters stand for subscriber identity module, or subscriber identification module: in other words, a microprocessor in a mobile phone holding details of the user’s network registration etc. So now you know.

    We’ll finish with a borderline case. Alphabet isn’t strictly an acronym, but it is close to an initialism, where the word is pronounced as separate letters, rather than as one word – such as OED for Oxford English Dictionary. In this instance, the initialism comes via Hellenistic Greek ἀλϕάβητος, from the first two letters of the ancient Greek alphabet ἄλϕα (alpha) and βῆτα (beta). That is to say, the word alphabet is formed in much the same way that we might refer to the English alphabet as the ABC.

    Half the bonus money is tied to student scores on state tests, and the other half is granted for teaching in hard-to-staff subjects, a classroom-skills evaluation, and professional-development participation

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    Celebrate International Literacy Day | Writing Service Blog

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    Our world today is perhaps more text-driven than at any other time in history. In the Digital Age, the ability to read and write can transform lives, families, and even whole communities. Since UNESCO celebrated the very first International Literacy Day on September 8, 1966, the plight of millions of people around the world has improved through programs dedicated to helping marginalized populations become literate. But there is still a long way to go.

    Please attribute this infographic to https://www.Writing

    To get involved, consider donating to literacy charities like First Book or Reading is Fundamental, or check with your local library for opportunities to volunteer as a literacy coach.

    Get Writing Service It’s free

    To celebrate International Literacy Day and help raise awareness about the importance of literacy, we have gathered the latest literacy statistics from around the world into an infographic.

    Do you know of any great ways to help the cause? We want to hear about them! Tell us on Twitter and Facebook, or leave a comment below.

    that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

    Illiteracy is more than just a lack of reading skills. Around the world, it is a clear predictor of poverty, illness, and disempowerment. It’s not a problem confined to the developing world, either. Even in the United States, there are thirty-two million adults who cannot read, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

    To share this infographic with your readers, embed this in your blog post by pasting the following HTML snippet into your web editor:Writing Service is a must-have
    writing app The second group got a chance to look at excerpts from the standards during the focus-group session and discussed the idea of standards-setting 2nd grade homework sheets in general

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    Approach Your AMCAS Application Effectively And Efficiently

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    Please remember to register or you will not be able to access important advice that will guide you through AMCAS application process. The AMCAS application can be confusing and difficult – the tips presented in this webinar are guaranteed to help you approach the application more effectively and efficiently.

    You have just a few more days until we go live with our newest med school admissions webinar, Create a Winning AMCAS Application.

    The webinar will air on Wednesday, May 20th at 8:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST.

    Copying patterns it’s fast, it’s easy patterns can be cut and copied by pressing on the menu button

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    A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 18 | Writing Service Blog

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    Day FifteenThe only other sound’s the sweepDay ThirteenHis house is in the village though;Day EightHe will not see me stopping hereThe darkest evening of the year.

    And miles to go before I sleep.

    Get Writing Service It’s freeTo stop without a farmhouse nearDay ElevenDay TwoBetween the woods and frozen lakeDay NineDay FourteenTo ask if there is some mistake.

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

    Are you interested in reading more Robert Frost? Try the Selected Early Poems.

    Day SevenWriting Service is a must-have
    writing appDay Ten

    Robert Frost

    Whose woods these are I think I know.

    “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

    Day Five

    He gives his harness bells a shakeOf easy wind and downy flake.

    Day Six

    My little horse must think it queer

    Other daily poetry:Day TwelveBut I have promises to keep,

    Every weekday in April, we will be sharing a poem, an excerpt of poetry, or a feature on a poet. Our celebration will feature international poetry from every era, and we ask our friends to join us throughout the month by sharing their favorite poetry under the tag #PoetryMonth.

    To watch his woods fill up with snow.

    that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

    Help us to celebrate National Poetry Month; share this poem with your friends!

    And miles to go before I sleep,Day Seventeen

    Day SixteenDay FourDay One

    Day Three Blair, who has long made education a top priority, last fall issued a white paper outlining the proposal for what he calls trust pay essays schools

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    3 Treats that Will do the Trick in Your Personal Statement or Application Essay

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    The do’s:

  • Therefore
      1. All elements in your story have to connect to what preceded them. They can connect via an implied “therefore,” for the logical and possible to anticipate, or an implicit “but” for the top essay writing unanticipated surprises that life hands you or the changes in direction you may have made. You don’t need to explicitly include those words, but the presence of those concepts means you have a story.

      However, if you have “And then,” your story doesn’t work. There’s a gap — not a surprise, but a hole in the chain of events or your logic.

      By Linda Abraham, founder and president of

      (If interested, you can see the full video at MTVu.)

      They boil the story-telling stew down to three words — actually 2 do’s and 1 don’t:

    1. But
    2. And then.
    3. In my meanderings on the web, I stumbled across a short video on screen writing. The presenters are two Emmy-winning screen writers, and they know a thing or two about telling a good story.

      What works for viewers of the small screen also works for the  readers of your application essays, personal statement, or statement of purpose.

      The don’t:

      Even though these devices fall outside more recommendations here of the 18 month support limit imposed by google, they might still have a chance

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      All the Sports Words Only Americans Use | NerdyMates

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